Generators Maintenance and Repair Services in Kenya

Here is an overview of generator maintenance and repair services in Kenya.

Kenya is a country that relies heavily on power, and with power outages being a common occurrence, it’s essential to have a backup plan. One of the most popular backup power solutions is the generator. Generators are used in various industries, including healthcare, hospitality, events, and construction.

However, generators require maintenance and repair services to ensure they are reliable when needed. In Kenya, several companies offer generator services and repair, including Cummins East Africa and Powerhouse Engineering.


Types of Generators Services in Kenya

If you have a generator that requires servicing or repair in Kenya, your best bet is Powerhouse Engineering. The company is popular for offering quality and professional services countrywide, which include the following.

Maintenance services

Regular maintenance services, including oil changes, filter replacements, and cleaning, can help prevent breakdowns and prolong the generator’s life.

Repair services

Repair services are necessary when the generator fails or malfunctions. Common repairs include fixing the alternator, starter, battery, fuel system, and cooling system.

Load testing

Load testing involves simulating a power outage to check whether the generator can handle the power load. This is essential to ensure the generator is functioning optimally when needed.

Installation services

Professional installation services are necessary when purchasing a new generator. They ensure the generator is correctly set up and configured to meet specific needs.

Rental services

Rental services are ideal for businesses or industries that require temporary backup power solutions. The services provide the flexibility of choosing a generator that meets specific needs without purchasing one.

Design and installation of changeover switches

A generator changeover switch, also known as an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), is a device that automatically switches the power supply from the main power source to the backup generator in the event of a power outage.

Remote monitoring services

Remote monitoring services provide real-time monitoring of the generator’s performance, allowing for proactive maintenance and repair services to be carried out.

Our Generators Maintenance and Repair services

Generators are essential backup power solutions in various industries and businesses, and regular maintenance and repair services are necessary to ensure their reliability and efficiency.

We are one of the leading companies offering generator maintenance and repair services in Kenya. Our experienced technicians are experts in what they do and are reputable in the industry.

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