Electrical Installation services in Kenya

Electrical Installation Services in Kenya

Powerhouse Engineering offers reliable and professional electrical installation services to businesses and homes in Kenya. We design and build new electrical systems and maintain the existing wiring.

Our experienced team strives to design efficient systems and deliver installations that meet our client’s needs. We also believe in quality services, and our commitment to safety is unmatched.

If you’re a business (office, restaurant, petro station, hospital), or a homeowner, our technicians are ready and waiting to serve you.

Besides electrical wiring and installations, we offer maintenance services. If you need a lighting system, new socket outlets, switches, electrical fan installation, or any electrical work, contact us today for excellent services.

Industrial Electrical Installation in Kenya

We specialize in providing quality industrial electrical installation services in Kenya. Our licensed and experienced electricians are experts in installing and repairing electrical systems in industrial facilities such as factories, warehouses, and production plants.


Domestic Electrical Installation in Kenya

At Powerhouse Engineering, we offer top-quality domestic electrical installation services in Kenya. This ensures that your home’s electrical system is safe and functional. Our team of licensed electricians has years of experience installing and repairing electrical systems in homes across the country.

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