Sauna and Steam Bath Machines

Sauna and steam bath machines are equipment used to create and regulate heat and steam in a designated area, such as a sauna or steam room. These machines come in various sizes and are designed for residential and commercial use.

Sauna machines typically use heated rocks to create a dry heat ranging from 150-195°F. The humidity level is low, typically less than 20%, creating a dry and hot environment. Sauna machines come in different types, including electric, wood-burning, and gas-fired.

On the other hand, steam bath machines use a steam generator to produce steam with temperatures ranging from 110-120°F and a humidity level of up to 100%.

Both sauna and steam bath machines offer various health benefits, including improving circulation, detoxifying the body, and reducing stress. However, using these machines safely and correctly is essential to avoid any potential risks or health hazards.

Sauna and Steam Bath MachinesPowerhouse Engineering Sauna and Steam Bath Machines

Our sauna and steam bath machines are widely used in residential or commercial spas, bathtubs, and hot tubs. They are made of high-quality abs and plastic materials and work by using electric elements to heat sauna stones.

We have two models in stock, which include the following.

Domestic Sauna Machines

These machines come with a separate digital controller that is intelligent and provides multiple control and monitoring functions, such as temperature settings and a timer. They are designed for small-sized saunas, particularly home use.

Commercial Sauna Machines

These machines are ideal for larger institutional saunas. They feature a separate programmable digital intelligent controller and a control box for the temperature control system and timer. Additionally, these machines have a control for the integral sauna light, and LED indicator lights show the operating conditions.

Features of Our Sauna and Steam Bath Machines

  • Equipped with an integrated power supply and thermostat functions, which can meet various needs.
  • Equipped with an LCD, which can display and monitor the temperature of different rooms.
  • Quick and Easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • Suitable for small apartments, condos, dormitories, and other places.

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